Comic 2 - Owen the Spider

22nd Aug 2011, 12:00 AM
Owen the Spider
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Author Notes:

Margaret 22nd Aug 2011, 12:00 AM edit delete
This comic is based on a series of middle of the night tweets:

@Maggie628: I was watching ceiling spider and wondered if I should be concerned because I hadn’t seen him move in a day. Then, he moved! #Theend

@Maggie628: Killing spiders is suppose to be bad luck/make it rain. But since it’s raining and my life can’t get worse, maybe I should kill it?

@Maggie628: Though, could I really kill something after it’s been in my room for a few days. Shouldn’t killing spiders be a quick impulsive thing?

@Maggie628: I think I’m going to name him Own. Owen the ceiling spider. He is my only friend.

@Courtney1231: @Maggie628 Your spider obsession is making me worry you are going to drink a bottle of shampoo.

Courtney’s tweet is referencing is Down To You. Anyway, Courtney hates spiders and would kill them immediately, even if they were my best friend. Also, I like the thought of Courtney just throwing shoes at things out of nowhere.


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